Our goal is to create durable installations with beautiful finishes, commercially and for residential applications.

ColourGrain is the UK’s only retailer of ColourGrain wood cladding, the durable, bespoke, textured wood that brings life to architectural interiors. Created by craftspeople, we bring the breadth of our expertise as cabinet and furniture makers to create a highly practical, softly reflective textured surface, in over 50 stunning shades, and in a range of timbers. Contact us today to find out how we can satisfy your passion for wood.

About Us

Simon Davey is the inspiration of the product and founder of the company, ColourGrain. Wood has been at the core of his working life over more than 30 years. Simon has poured his soul into working with this beautiful material, and every day it fascinates him more.  Having started as an apprentice for a shop fitter in Hereford, in 1988 he set up his own shop fitting business, attributing it Simon Davey Bespoke.

Innovation meets Sustainability

His work quickly expanded beyond shop fitting, to cabinetry and furniture making, and his reputation as a master craftsman has spread nationwide. He is as equally in demand in the leafy suburbs of Chiswick creating bespoke cabinetry for TV personalities as he is creating bar fronts and backdrops for nationwide restaurant chains. He has provided installations nationally for Fired Earth outlets, and customised fittings from ice cream cafes and bars to coffee shops and leisure hotels.

“Bringing out the beauty of the grain, and allowing the texture of the natural wood to come through is really important. The lacquers and sandblasting processes that we apply serve to enhance the natural grain of the wood, which works with the pooling of the colours to create some really interesting patterns.”

Master Craftsman

Simon’s extensive knowledge and experience of commercial and domestic interiors, the product Simon has crafted is unusual and difficult to replicate, creating a unique coloured and textured finish and a high durability.


With his background in cabinetry, Simon wanted to create something unique with wood, which would have a broad appeal and application, and so ColourGrain was born. After a long day of work, Simon pottered with wood finishes late into the evening, until after several months of experimentation he perfected the finished product of ColourGrain.

“There is a currently a trend for shabby-chic. Unfortunately, many of these products do not meet the durability requirements for a commercial project, and will quickly become more shabby than chic, needing to be replaced, and bringing with this the inherent disruption to the business, as well as cost of replacement.”

ColourGrain employs a dedicated and professional team of craftspeople who take great pride in their work and ensure that each hand finished plank is consistently produced to the highest specification and quality.

ColourGrain takes the sourcing of its timbers seriously and our wood can be FSC certified on request.

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