With a brand-new product to launch, we were looking for somewhere to take some photographs of our product in-situ. Somewhere that might do justice to our lovely wood cladding; somewhere with character, that espoused Herefordshire and all its virtues… somewhere that might reflect our own ColourGrain values… somewhere indeed that might even be enhanced by having a little ColourGrain treatment…


….and then we chanced upon the Verzon House Hotel, near Ledbury. Anywhere that serves ‘Wye Valley Asparagus Mousse with Salt-Baked Beetroot & Onion Caramel’ has got to be a place that might accept a little colour here and there, right?


In the heart of Herefordshire, close to Ledbury, but not far from the hills of Malvern and the grand Cathedral of Hereford and surrounded by the abundance of Herefordshire produce, the Verzons is warm, inviting, quirky and eclectic in its styling; a magpie’s nest of colonialism and contemporary Britishness; saddles hang from the walls in the dining room, there’s the odd stag’s head here and there, a pile of furry throws sits on the back of a baby elephant in the reception and a couple of hunting horns are propped in the bar.  More is definitely more at the Verzons and it works beautifully.


Not only has the Verzons created a reputation as a place of relaxed fine dining, but you can also learn how to mix a cocktail or two with their resident mixologist, Luke. Being ‘closely associated’ with the world-famous Chase brand, trips can be arranged to see the Chase distillery just up the road in the little Herefordshire village of Preston Wynne, and perhaps you might be tempted to bring home some Marmalade Chase Vodka or Chase Oak Aged Sloe & Mulberry Gin.

Whilst having an initial exploration of the hotel, we were given an exceptionally warm welcome by Verzons’ owner Kate Chase. We explained the Herefordshire provenance of ColourGrain Surfaces and without hesitation, Kate offered us the hotel for our use as a backdrop for our product launch photographs.


With the able assistance of General Manager, Russell Manning, on the day of the shoot and of course in large part due the brilliance of our photographer, Adam Hoskins, the 5 hour shoot ran like clockwork. Nothing was too much trouble either for the Verzon’s House staff, who were truly gracious to our intrusion in the live running of the hotel.  Of course, ColourGrain Surfaces creator and master joiner, Simon Davey, was on hand to fit the ColourGrain Surfaces sets to bar sides, bedheads and bathrooms.


We were delighted with the outcomes, and we’d even go as far as to say we think that ColourGrain has enhanced the already stunning interiors of Verzons House. But maybe we’ll let you be the judge of that….see our photo gallery below…..and let us know your thoughts.

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For more information about Verzons House and Chase Distilleries and to book a visit, go to:

Verzons House

Chase Distilleries



Responding to increasing demand for both sustainable, decorative design materials and the beauty of visible woodgrain, an innovative new interior and exterior wood cladding, ColourGrain Surfaces, has been unveiled at Surface Design Show 2018.


ColourGrain, a uniquely beautiful, bespoke painted timber cladding that brings architectural environments to life, was developed by Herefordshire joiner and master craftsman, Simon Davey.  Simon identified a gap in the market for design-led, statement cladding materials that meet the growing trend for natural, tactile, richly coloured surfaces in commercial and residential projects.  Using his extensive experience of bespoke business and domestic interiors, the solution crafted by Simon and his team is unusual and difficult to replicate, combining a colourful, textured wood finish with high durability and strong environmental credentials.


Available in a variety of timbers that can be FSC-sourced, each hand-finished ColourGrain plank undergoes up to ten different processes to create a practical, softly reflective textured surface that adds atmosphere and individuality to almost any interior wall or architectural feature.  ColourGrain can also be used as flooring, using engineering floor boards for durability, and to bring character and colour to exterior walls.

ColourGrain Surfaces owner and director Simon Davey said: “Natural, richly tactile interior finishes in multi-layered jewel or pastel tones have firmly taken over from shabby chic.  There is a strong and continuing trend for a traditional-meets-contemporary look in our homes and businesses – but it must also be environmentally friendly.  ColourGrain meets those needs by bringing wood finishes truly up to date.”



Simon perfected the rich hues and contemporary, textured feel of ColourGrain cladding after spending several months trialling a wide range of coloured lacquers and wood finishes.  He found that by sandblasting every plank and applying up to eight coats of usually water-based exterior lacquer in a combination of over 50 striking shades, an extremely attractive, hard-wearing, bespoke design effect could be achieved.  Today ColourGrain employs a dedicated team of professional craftspeople based in Herefordshire, who ensure that each hand-finished plank is consistently produced to the highest specification


“The beauty of ColourGrain is that it can make any home or business truly individual. One aspect of this is colour. Clients can select their own combination of lacquer shades from our collection, to either create a contrasting architectural pop, or echo existing décor. The surface texture is also unique: our lacquers enhance the natural woodgrain on every plank, as well as creating interesting colour pooling.  With FSC-certified timber and usually water-based lacquers, ColourGrain also meets clients’ environmental expectations.  It’s an extremely versatile and appealing design material.”


ColourGrain is the inspiration of joiner and master craftsman, Simon Davey.  Wood has been his passion and the core of his working life for more than 30 years. Having started as an apprentice for a shop fitter in Hereford, in 1988 he set up his own shop fitting business, Simon Davey Bespoke.  His work quickly expanded to cabinetry and furniture making, and his reputation spread nationwide.  Today Simon is as in-demand in the leafy suburbs of Chiswick creating bespoke cabinetry for TV personalities, as he is creating interiors for hotels and restaurant chains. He has provided installations nationally for Fired Earth outlets, and customised fittings for cafés, bars and retailers.  ColourGrain was established in 2017 as a trading name of Simon Davey Bespoke.