Why Sapele?

Sapele is a tropical African wood. The tree grows to between 30 – 45m tall and has a trunk diameter of 1 – 1.5m.

With a heartwood of a golden to dark reddish brown, the grain is interlocked, with a fine uniform texture making it the perfect choice for showcasing the lacquer of ColourGrain.


Sapele is known for a wide variety of grain patterns, with enticing names such as pommele, quilted, mottled, wavy, beeswing and fiddleback.

Durability & Protection

The presence of the textured finish will hide scratches, dents and other low impact damage that come from day-to-day wear, unlike flat, polished timber, which too readily reveals the smallest of impacts. In fact, although ColourGrain looks superb on first fixing, it becomes infused with even more character with the duration of time.

The surface is finished with a satin lacquer to prevent reflections and enhance the look of the product.

A more economical option is engineered floorboards in oak, which will provide a different characteristic once the treatments are applied. Other timbers can be quoted on request.

Our lacquers are exterior grade and will take a high degree of wear and spills, and are also easy to wipe clean.

Due to the strength and durability provided by the textured finishes, use of ColourGrain brings long-term cost savings through reduced maintenance and replacement in applications such as walls, counters and bar fronts.

Our Prime Timber is Sapele and can be FSC sourced (Forest Stewardship Council)

Vibrant Appearance

We believe our product is unique. In fact, so much so, that ColourGrain is patent-pending. Unlike other painted wood cladding, ColourGrain undergoes several repeated methods of treatments, each one drying and curing before the next is applied.

We start with a textured finish, which is created by sandblasting the timber. Depending on the type of wood chosen, the finish will take on varying degrees of character and rusticity.

The wood then undergoes 8 – 10 different processes, including up to 8 coats of exterior lacquer. Our wood can be FSC sourced, ensuring that you can meet your obligations with regard to protecting the environment.

Flawless Finish

Silky smooth finish that is easy to clean thanks to our minimum 5 coat lacquer process

Fire Protection

Wood finishes can be finished to class 0 fire protection.

Custom Colour Range

With over 50 standard colours and a bespoke colour service for any RAL, Pantone, British Standard, DCD, colours and colour match, we are able to provide you with a perfect match or complement for any interiors environment. Unique designs are therefore easily and affordably created.

The unique colour and perspective of ColourGrain mean that unlike other coloured timber products, which can be flat in appearance, ColourGrain has a soft sheen, is lively and makes a dynamic material for retail applications and other commercial and domestic uses, including exterior cladding.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean that multiple and combination finishes can be utilised to create designs on timber that are truly unique.

The range of colour samples available in ColourGrain

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